Which coffee scrub should I choose?

All Bondi Scrubs are suitable for all skin types including sensitive. If you have super sensitive skin we recommend you do a patch test first. All of our scrubs are made with the exact same carefully selected organic ingredients to detoxify, smooth and nourish your skin with added essential oils and natural fragrances to uplift. So really it just depends on which flavour you like and the mood you’re in. Though we recommend that you sample all of them as the aromas are amazing!

  1. For a pick-me-up choose Orange
  2. For a tropical holiday choose Coconut
  3. For some zing-zing-zang choose Lime
  4. For some va-va-voom choose Black Cherry
  5. For some aloha vibes choose Mango
  6. For some good old fashion fun choose Jelly Bean
  7. For some serious street cred choose Bubble Gum
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